How do you keep dry while tent camping in a driving rain?

The River Hills Traveler’s Bob Brennecke answers your outdoors-related questions:

QUESTION: “While pulling my camper and unhooking the tow vehicle overnight, my husband and I are having a problem with the large hitch hanging on the back of the tow vehicle.

“One problem is banging our shins on the monster hitch that sticks out so far to the rear. Another problem we have is once we take that monster hitch off, where do we put it? 

“Do we put it on the ground and get mud, dirt, gravel stuck to the grease and still trip on it, or do we put the hitch in the bed of the truck and work around it while we are unhitched? Please help with a practical answer.”

ANSWER: That is certainly a good question and one that I recently researched. I saw the neatest, easiest set-up to store that bulky, heavy hitch and you don’t need to move it very far from the tow vehicle; you hang it on the tongue of the trailer. 

The cost is under $20 and you only need a few tools.   This is what I used and it worked out well:

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