Horseback riding, camping & fun at Ponderosa

Ponderosa Horse Campground & Event Center located at 1305 Ponderosa Road in Pineville, Mo., is not only a place for horses and their owners, but also family fun for everyone.

“We cater to parties, weddings, reunions, regular campers, and campers with horses. It’s a really great family atmosphere,” said Debbie Parnell, owner and operator of Ponderosa Trails. 

Pineville is in McDonald County, in the far southwest corner of the the state. The campground was built by Don O’Brien on a dare in the 1980’s.

“I bought the place eight years ago for my own personal use but people still came to camp, so here we are,” said Parnell.

Parnell has eight horses of her own but has several horses that she takes care of.

“Horses are my passion. I love working with them and riding them and watching them,” said Parnell.

Ponderosa Campground has several people who train their horses and work with them in different settings.

Ponderosa has obstacles for the horses to get through and also has outside pins as well as round pins for the horses to be in. 

“We have 100 horse stalls and 13 electric pins for the horses to use,” said Parnell.

Each person is responsible for cleaning their own stall, and the price is $10 a stall.

“There are all different kinds of riders and I think it’s interesting to see the different techniques and styles that people use,” said Parnell.

Ponderosa is an open trail riding campground and is open year-round.

“The only time our trail riding is closed is during deer gun season,” said Parnell.

The Huckleberry Wildlife Management Area is where visitors come to ride the trail.

“We also have access to Little Sugar Creek and we have several families that come and play in the water,” said Parnell.
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