Here are the best days of the 2015 deer season

What are the best days to be in the deer stand this season?

If you are anything like me, obviously the best day to be in the deer stand is anytime that you can.

It seems each year I get a bit busier and available hunting hours get reduced. So as best I can I try to optimize my free time in the woods.  col-combs (2014 pre-rut) copy

Early season is done and the predictability of mature bucks answering to the feedbag is largely over. So where do we go from here? For me and just about every other hunter the focus is now on rutting activity.

I hear this question a lot, “So when is the rut this year?” A lot of focus is given to that very question, which surprises me.

The reason it surprises me is because we always know the answer and the answer doesn’t significantly change from year to year.

Here in Missouri the rut will occur the last week of October through the first two or three weeks of November. This is when bucks will always be most active during daylight.

Recently, though, I have heard some discussion on the possibility of an early rut this year because of a particular lunar cycle. So might the rut happen earlier this year?

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