Hearing something under the ladder stand, I looked down… how could I be so lucky?

By Tom Boydston

When Christmas gets close, the children begin to get excited. They see the lights, the Christmas trees and Santas everywhere. 

They can hardly wait for the day to come. They start counting the days. 

As September 15th approaches, I, too, am as little children; I just can’t wait.

Been preparing for this day all year. Last season, I found I could no longer draw my bow. I missed two beautiful shots when the deer came into range.

Couldn’t get the bow pulled back. That told me maybe I should try a crossbow. 

Spent all summer getting it set up, and practiced day after day. I also sighted in my .30-30 for the firearms season.

I have been hunting deer for 47 years and I have never experienced a season like this year.

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