Ever heard of ‘drift boat’ fishing?

At those times when job or family obligations or weather conditions do not favor opportunities for reeling in fish, the dedicated angler is still alert to reeling in new or updated “keeper size” fishing-related information, such as:drift boat 03

• Where to fish,

• How to fish

• Opportunities for fishing adventures, or

• Getting to know expert anglers.

I experienced just such an occasion to reel-in all of these categories of keeper size information during one very cold January evening, during a monthly meeting of our Missouri Smallmouth Alliance (MSA).

Our speaker for the evening was one of Missouri’s most accomplished anglers, Brian Sloss… guide, co-owner and manager of the Eleven Point River Canoe Rental, located in the town of Alton (the one in Missouri).

Brian gave us plenty of information on “where to fish” and “how to fish” the multiple sport fishery of the Eleven Point River (home to rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, pickerel and goggle eye). Brian’s slideshow presentation had the “to be expected” group of fishing photos — lunker size smallies and beautiful rainbow trout.

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