Have you ever wondered why it’s cooler in the woods?

Today I am going to write about putting together four words not usually associated with each other… “global warming” and “common sense.”

Those who go around saying that climate change is a farce show their ignorance. Certainly it is happening and you can see it if you take your head out of the sand.

BUT… those who are wringing their hands about what it is going to do to the earth may be dumber yet.

Because, there isn’t anything we can do about it. We have made our beds and we will indeed lie in them.

If indeed the ice caps continue to melt, if the oceans continues to rise, if the polar bears and arctic wildlife disappear and if Los Angeles citizens eventually have to wade in flooded streets, and New Yorkers have to wear masks to filter poison air, it won’t make much difference to those of us living in the Ozarks.

And if the average temperature rises 5 or 6 degrees in the summer and winter alike, it won’t affect many of us. Folks will use more electricity to run air conditioners in the summer, and then less to keep homes warm in the winter.

As for me and a few folks like me, tucked back in these woods far from civilization, we won’t need either.

That climate change that anyone older than fifty can easily see, will in fact have an effect on Ozark plants, fish and wildlife in time, but today’s population is so tuned into modern civilization, city life and technology that few will even know what happened, unless it affects cattle, chickens and hogs, and a slow “global warming” won’t… much.

Before global warming can hit the world’s populations too hard, it is likely that a meteor of some kind will, or a hail of nuclear weapons will. For sure, floods will get worse, but we can live with that. Droughts will be worse, but we can live with that too.

Carbon Dioxide in some cities will make the sun’s rays hard to see and feel, but what is warming our planet has much to do with something no one will talk about; population, increasing pavement and concrete… and the removal of forests and natural vegetation worldwide.

There are increasingly new subspecies of human. One subspecies is becoming extinct, that is the one that has lived on the land in small numbers, and with it to some extent, a part of the earth with little effect on it.

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