Happiness is all around the state

close up of an eastern bluebird sitting on a branch

Hello spring! My email inbox has been overflowing lately with all kinds of interesting stuff, so I thought I’d share some of it with you this month. 

Here goes:

• The state bird of Missouri is thought of as a symbol of happiness and is associated with cheerfulness! Some say its song sounds like “Cheer Cheerful Charmer.”  

Bluebirds are often seen in grasslands, farmlands and backyards in rural and suburban areas, but bluebirds do not eat seeds and rarely visit typical bird feeders. 

You will need to attract them to your yard with special foods like suet cakes, bits of fruit, mealworms and native plants like dogwoods or sumacs.  

These cavity nesters are year-round residents in Missouri, usually arriving at nesting sites in February or March. While natural cavities make the best nests, constructed nest boxes are often used by bluebirds. 

close up of an eastern bluebird sitting on a branch
Photo by pete weiler on Pexels.com

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