Group takes young outdoorsmen on coon hunt

In our everyday lives things are changing, always have and always will.

TOP outdoorsmen coon hunt
Coon Dogs Galore – A few of the kids and their “adopted” coon dogs that participated in the barking battles. It was a chore to get them together for the photo.

Today’s cultural trends are producing an abundance of electronic diversions, an increase of single parent homes, and an overflow of extracurricular activities.

These tendencies make it increasingly difficult for kids and parents to connect to our long heritage of outdoor traditions

However, under January’s annual wolf moon near Southwest City, Mo., all those effects did not exist during the Young Outdoorsmen United Coon Hunt bash. Cell phones were kept in pockets, no worries about missing sporting events or television shows were mentioned, and everyone attending became family to one another.

What did take place was a brotherhood of sharing a tradition that has sustained over centuries of full moons.

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