Gobblers in the rain

Rain is inevitable during spring turkey hunting. That can be especially frustrating if it rains on the few days you are able to hunt in the Show-Me State.

Roux has found ways to be successful in the spring woods even if it rains.

If all you have is a weekend and it rains both days, you might think your season is over.

That is not necessarily true. I have had more than my share of rainy day turkey hunts over the past 50+ seasons.

Here are a few ideas that might help you be more successful if your season clouds up and rains this year.

HUNT IN THE RAIN. Do not let the rain stop you from hunting. It is like my Uncle Buster used to say, “The birds are still out there even in the rain. They don’t come in out of the rain. They have nowhere else to go. They’re already home.”

Plan ahead and have a blind up for just such mornings. I actually have a couple of blinds up in different locations so I am not handcuffed to one spot.

One more tip on blinds that I learned the hard way — all blinds are NOT water proof.

CALL LOUDER AND MORE OFTEN. Yes, I change my calling routine drastically in the rain. Obviously there is more background noise during a shower.

Louder calling not only allows the gobbler to hear you, but more importantly they can better locate you.

I also call more often in the rain. Birds are just much less likely to respond and move in bad weather. It takes more to get them in the urge and put them on the move to your location. Hit ‘em hard and hit ‘em often.

PROTECT YOUR GEAR. If you cannot or will not use a diaphragm call, there is not much worse than a wet friction call. A wet box call is a disaster.

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And wet slate calls are just as bad. I know there are a few manufacturers of “waterproof” pot-and-peg calls that claim their products will perform when wet.  

Let me assure you that any type of friction can be lubricated with water. Period! The bottom line is to keep your calls dry at all costs.

The other piece of gear I highly recommend keeping dry is your gun. Water and moisture are the enemies of all metal… especially guns.

I know you have to have your gun out to shoot. That is much different than having it exposed to harsh elements for hours on end.

If it is raining I take my gun to the field in a soft case. If I get a bird working or see one coming, I slowly make the move to uncase the gun and get it ready.

If you are too scared to make that move, then use some extra camo rain gear to cover your gun on those gray, rainy mornings.

So the fact is you CAN kill spring gobblers in the rain. I have done it several times.

A bit of preseason preparation and planning will help make a bad weather turkey hunt much easier.

Remember, the gobblers do not come in out of the rain. Why should you?

Good luck this season, regardless of the weather.


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