Get outside & you will see, feel the benefits

Busy. Stress. Anxiety. Tension. Fast-paced. To-do lists. Not enough time. Overwhelmed. Depressed. Those words sound familiar?

I know that in 45.5 years on this planet I have heard those words expressed more in the past decade than I can count.

Michelle Turner

I have also witnessed this firsthand as more than words on a piece of paper. I’ve seen it in the shaking hands and tear-filled eyes of coworkers and friends. 

Sometimes I have even seen it in myself.

Too many people feel like they are about to boil over or spontaneously combust at any minute. It’s like we are living in a pressure cooker!

I am convinced one of the major contributing factors is our increased use of technology and our decreased use of the great outdoors. I am no scientist, but more studies keep coming out that support my theory.

This isn’t just an American problem.

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