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There is an old saying that says, “Good fences make good neighbors.” Well, a good land survey is a good start to placing that fence.

If you are in the market to buying land adjacent to the Mark Twain National Forest, please be aware that more than likely there has not been a boundary line survey establishing where the property line is.default nps pic

When you are looking at land and it has not been surveyed, be aware, that old fence you are looking at may not be on the property line.

For example, when I purchased my property there is an old fence we thought was on the property line. It has been maintained for years by my neighbor, and it is not in line with what my survey shows I own. Part of what I legally own is in my neighbor’s pasture and part of my back yard belongs to my neighbor. So much for an old fence line being in the correct location.

Remember that most parcels of land are square or rectangular in shape, with STRAIGHT lines. So if what you are looking at does not have straight land lines, you definitely want to get a survey. Rarely will you find curves in a land line.

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