For the love of hot dogs

I guess you can blame it all on my roots, but I am a grown woman who can admit she still likes hot dogs. 

This little factoid isn’t too shocking considering how many times my biological father and I hit up Sonic for their chili cheese dogs during my formative years. 

Honestly, I can’t place all the blame on him. My mom would slice up hot dogs as a macaroni and cheese additive when I was a kid, while other times we would roast them over a campfire on a stick. 

And, before I knew it, along came my amazing stepfather who introduced me to the chili cheese dogs served at the CreeMee in Eldon, Mo. Gosh, those are amazing! 

It’s not like I crave hot dogs on a daily basis, but I am certainly not a food snob who acts like hot dogs are pure childhood junk food that I should never indulge in. And, indulge I sure have! 

Marcus Daily, the Hot Dog Man

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