Food & fun served up at Bucksnort food stand

Earlier in my five decades of a fire lookout hobby, I learned this leads to that and that to this… and you can end up far from where your search began.

Such is the case with “Bucksnort food stand.” As deer season begins, it might be a good time to relive a great deer hunt/fire tower story from the past.

My trip to Bucksnort began many years ago. I was reading some papers donated to me by Conservationist Jim Lyon and one noted – “on January 7, 1983, Mr. Carl ‘Everett’ Chaney of Birch Tree had purchased the Tram Tower south of Winona and planned to reassemble the cab at his place.”

Then, during a conversation with John Strange, retired USFS, it was noted that several “cabs” from towers were located here and there even though the tower was gone.

Several years later I did a tower series for the Current Wave newspaper, in Eminence. Following the publication on High Hill Tower, I received a call from Marguerite Barkley, whose family had lived at High Hill when her father, John Scoville, was the towerman there.

She mentioned the “Bucksnort food stand” just east of there where the top of the old Tram Tower had been used for part of a food stand. She said Everett and Betty Chaney had lived there and one of the daughters might still.

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