Flowers that bloom in May and June 

By Becky Brewer

If you love flowers, you may already know their blooming season and how to grow and care for them. Flower lovers enjoy the beauty it brings to their homes and yards.  

Flower gardening can be a hobby, and a source of enjoyment during this time of the coronavirus pandemic isolation. 

Working in your yard and weeding a flower bed can now be a blessing instead of a burden. 

I have been blessed with a mother, sister, and aunt who love

flowers. We share flower bulbs, seeds, and transplants. It is rewarding and a loving gesture

for all involved. 

We enjoy the beauty and love of flowers and want to spread it with others.

In this plant zone, during the months of May and June, many flowers are in bloom. Just a few of my favorites are the iris, the azalea, the poppy, and the peony.

Irises are perennials that bloom in late May or early June depending on the type. They come in nearly every color of the rainbow, 260-300 species.  

The iris takes its name from the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris. For this reason the iris symbolizes eloquence. They are very fragrant and delicate. The most familiar irises are the tall bearded irises (at least 28 inches).

The meaning of the purple iris signifies faith, hope, wisdom, and courage. A yellow iris symbolizes passion, while a white iris symbolizes purity.  

The sharing of irises is a common thing with my family because when we visit each other, we take a look at  the flowers. As we examine the flower beds, someone may say, “I don’t have that one, would you bring me some bulbs in the fall?”

This insures the transplanting of a different species of irises and the joy of sharing.

Another pretty favorite is the azalea, in the form of a bush, or flowering shrub in the rhododendron family. They bloom in the spring, usually May. 

The blooming timeframe does depend on the location in the state. Azaleas grow well in shade, preferably near or under trees, or along the side of a house. 

The blooms last a few weeks and they vary in color. They are very popular.  

There are even annual festivals and events named and held during the azalea blooming season, one of which is the Annual Azalea Festival in Fredericktown held the first week of May.

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