Floating, fishing the 11 Point River

Like many of you who read the River Hills Traveler, I am a devoted advocate of float fishing from a canoe.  

A few years ago I added a much- appreciated accessory — a side-mounted bracket, a trolling motor and two rechargeable small, lightweight batteries.  

I have been floating Ozark rivers for over 50 years. Naturally over that time span, I have float-fished almost all the Ozark streams in the eastern and southern regions of Missouri, but I have not yet fished the streams around Neosho.

Among all those streams, my favorite is the Eleven Point! In addition to my “Honey Hole” article, here is some information you will find very helpful:

1. Two canoe rental and shuttle outfitters:

a. Hufstedlar’s Canoe Rental, located where Highway 160 crosses the Eleven Point (about 9 miles east of Alton, Mo.).  

Phone: 417-778-6116. Owner: Mike Jones.  Suggest you access his website. He does provide shuttle service. I’ve used him numerous times. By the way, as a guide he can’t be beat.

b. Eleven Point River Canoe, located in Alton, at the intersection of Highways 19 and 160. Mike Jones also owns this outfitter. 

He does provide shuttle service. Phone: 417-778-6497. 

2. I have attached five topographical maps (TOPO), each showing potential floats on the 11 Point River; mileage markers are shown.   

If you have a compass, you can calculate where you are on the river. Pull ashore. Put the compass arrow on North. Note the compass heading that the river is flowing.  

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