It’s a family affair at Eddy Boys Bait & Tackle

Every bait shop has its own atmosphere that sets it apart from others. Such is the case with Eddy Boys Bait & Tackle, located in St. Clair, Mo.

This bait shop is a prime example of the American Dream. Shawn and Amanda Eddy are the proud owners of Eddy Boys Bait & Tackle. Shawn and Amanda’s passion and desire to make a better life for themselves and their children is by following their dream of owning a business that has meaning for them and would be fun for them and their children. 

Shawn and his two boys enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing for trout, bass and catfish. Shawn used stopped at an existing bait shop in St. Clair called Don’s Bait & Tackle for his fishing supplies. When Don decided to retire, Shawn and Amanda saw an opportunity to fulfill their dream of owning their own business — and it was Shawn’s dream to own a bait shop.

They applied for and received their business and bait dealers’ license from the State of Missouri. In February 2017 Eddy Boys Bait & Tackle was open for business.

The Eddys have three children — ages 10, 8 and just under a year — and all three are boys, hence the word “Boys” in the name of the shop.

As you drive up to the shop you are greeted by the Commando Worm in the window and a large OPEN sign. Walking into the shop you immediately notice two things: first is how clean and organized the shop is, and second is the large blackboard on the right wall.  

The blackboard reminded me of a menu board that you see at a roadside diner. The following items are listed on the blackboard: live bait, frozen bait, medium goldfish, chicken livers, large goldfish, shad, jumbo goldfish, whole skipjack, shiners, whole herring, crickets, turkey livers, red wigglers, rabbit liver, night crawlers, meal worms, wax worms, and super meal worms.

They also carry a line of prepared catfish baits, including Sonny’s (which seems to be very popular throughout Missouri). Shawn has been working on developing his own homemade catfish bait. Amanda is very proud of the crickets that they carry. When you visit the shop you will need to have her explain why.

Shawn likes to show off the super meal worms. These worms look like they have been on steroids. When I inquired about the turkey and rabbit livers for bait, Shawn explained that these two types of bait typically stay on a hook better than chicken livers.

From my experiences of watching my chicken liver land in a different location than my hook and line, I am curious to give this bait a try.

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