Extend your waterfowl season into 2016

A couple of decades ago I learned the complexities of hunting snow and blue geese from a guide in the Missouri bootheel named Bob Stoner.

The "Terstriep Trio" shows-off both light geese and ducks from southeast Arkansas.
The “Terstriep Trio” shows-off both light geese and ducks from southeast Arkansas.

Stoner had a unique way of finding these lesser goose species in harvested grain fields and holding them there for days regardless of the amount of shooting.

Bob never owned a full-body goose decoy or even goose shells for that matter. However, all of us who have ever chased snows and blues know it is an exercise in futility without several hundred deceptors on the ground.

Stoner used very light-weight and easily transported decoy-type units.

Taking discarded pillowcases from local motels and nursing homes he put a 2-foot long dowel in the ground. Stoner would then put a pillowcase over the stick and hit it with a well-placed shot or two of black spray paint. Now multiply this easy process by 500 and you have a decoy spread that is effective and can be placed in under an hour by two or three hunters.

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