Experiencing the warmth of spring in winter

To the Editor,

In the days we live in we have to make our own tranquility, a peace to carry with us in throughout our days.

The flowers of spring, sleeping until they are awakened once again, we can bring about our own!

In these times of all-consuming hardships within the headlines, we can maintain our sense of self to still our minds and calm our hearts.

I have found in my days of herb hunting along with a good cup of tea, there are a lot of stories passed around an outside fire or within the warmth of a living room.

Many an evening spent with my grandchildren was just that way, and there is one that comes to mind:

About a boy who thought he was ready to make his passage into manhood but was told to wait until he was older. This did not set well for he felt he was old enough to make that journey.

So off he went – up and over the mountain he went. He passed all types of things and animals along the way.

But one spoke to him! As he stopped, he thought I am so cold. He looked down at his feet and said who is speaking to me?

Behind the rocks was a rattlesnake, and once again the snake spoke.

“We are both cold and in need of warmth and food. Will you carry me along with you until we reach the bottom of this mountain?”

And the boy spoke back, “I cannot pick up a snake, you will surely bite me and from it I would die.”

Once more the snake spoke to the boy’s sense of heart: “Please, I will surely die here, please save my life.”

The boy thought and decided he would pick him up and save his life if he promised not to bite him. Surely he would be grateful and not.

“Alright,” said the boy. “We will go and find warmth and food.”

Off they went. Soon they reached the bottom and just as the boy started to pull him out and set him down, he bit him.

Not knowing why the snake broke his promise he asked: “Why, oh why, after I picked you up and got you where you needed to go to live you bite me?”

And the snake said, “You knew what I was when you picked me up.”

This story and the moral of it is: do not pick up or let someone talk you into something you know is wrong. This story made my grandchildren stop and think for years to come.

Now, to put a little spring in your window all winter long. The one thing I missed the most was my flowers fading away to winter, so here is something I enjoy doing to bring back some spring.
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Buy some bulbs, whatever you enjoy the most.  Get a bowl 5 inches or deeper, get a few bags of black & white rocks or whatever color you desire, layer them black-white-black.

Place the bulbs an inch down in the rocks then fill water to the bottom of the bulbs, place in a cool, dry place for two weeks; place in window for light and enjoy.

Now to keep them blooming all winter long, start another one and repeat.

The days of walking in the woods and gathering herbs have been replaced with growing my own and always having enough to share.

When I was young people would come and ask me for a blend just for their needs. The mixture would be given & weeks later I would hear their own stories of peace and feeling healthier.

As I got older my three sons (Wade, Kenny & Michael) all grown, I found my youngest also had the love for the blends and sharing them with his friends and with the tea house here.

So, if you find yourself in our area, stop in and say hello & have a cup of tea from his many blends at the tea house and tell them we sent you.

A good morning tea to bring the smell of flowers back into the house is Lavender Earl Grey. A brisk black tea with about half as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

The bergamot oils gives a citrus flavor, lavender brings out a strong floral scent that is softened with marigold or morning glory blossoms. It’s a wonderful way to start the day.

I love to embrace the holidays with a cup of Chai tea. This ancient drink comes from India but nothing makes me feel more at home than smelling the sweet & slightly spicy aroma of cinnamon, cardamom and clove in my teapot.

Traditionally served with milk and honey, it has replaced hot cocoa as my seasonal treat. A tea for any time of day. A strong black Chai tea will brace you for the day, while a hot cup of caffeine free rooibos chai is a great way to warm up and wind down on a cold winter evening.

Chamomile has long been hailed as a tea for stress relief and as a sleep aid, but gets a special boost with herbs like valerian root, skull cap, St. Johns Wort, passion flowers or lemon balm.

Combining these ingredients from traditional European and Native American medicine turn an herbal chamomile infusion into a guaranteed visit from the sand man.

If you are interested in trying out some tea for yourself, many different kinds can be found at a shop near you like Earth Mother in Farmington or online at sites like Adagio.com.

I like visiting Cottage Rose Tea Room & Candies

in Patterson, Missouri, 5 miles from Highway 67.  Exit on Highway 34, go west. Their number is 573-856-4131.


Delores (Lois) Ward,

Silva, Mo.

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