Geocaching will help you enjoy nature all year long

What on earth could make a woman in her 40’s walk for hours in the woods looking for Tupperware hidden under a rotten log?

For me, the answer is geocaching. Geocaching is an ideal way to enjoy nature all year long. Considering I have found 136 caches in 13 different states, I think I am hooked on the hobby.

Geocaching is a scavenger hunt. It encourages people of all ages to use their GPS devices (or smartphones with GPS technology) to get off their couches, out of their houses, and explore new areas.

It’s pretty simple. Go to to learn more and create an account. Download the app to your device, in my case an iPhone, for less money than you’d spend on pizza delivery.

Unlike the pizza, the experiences you will have geocaching will last much longer. Once you start exploring, you’ll understand what I mean.

Just know that you need to have a healthy sense of adventure, and be respectful of the land the caches are located on. Caches are found on private and public lands. Some are even located on business properties.

Once you start geocaching, you’ll be amazed how many there are around you. One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to check my app at gas stations, rest stops, and other places along the way. Looking for a cache is the perfect excuse to stretch your legs and explore on those long road trips!

You will learn quickly how to use the GPS coordinates to help you, along with different clues and hints found within the app about the caches you are seeking.

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