Enjoy more MO flowering trees

Some of Missouri’s late spring-blooming trees and shrubs include red buckeye (1), flowering dogwood (2), sassafras (3), and black cherry (4). 

As spring continues to advance across Missouri, so does a beautiful parade of native flowering trees and shrubs. 

While you may have already spotted some of the early-bloomers, such as serviceberry and redbud, there are still plenty more flowering trees to enjoy yet this spring.

Here are a few of the late-bloomers you can spot now and in the coming weeks:

• Buckeyes produce showy, upright stalks lined with flowers in April and May. In southern Missouri, watch for the small but stunning red buckeye with its firecracker-like flowers. 

Though less showy than its southern relative, Ohio buckeye is found statewide and produces clusters of greenish-yellow flowers. 

The blooms of both these buckeyes are highly attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators.

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