Enjoy apples now & for months to come

By Melinda Myers

We’ve all heard an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But did you know an apple before grocery shopping means you will buy more fruits and vegetables?

Researchers at Cornell University found that people who ate a healthy snack before grocery shopping purchased 25-28% more produce than those who ate a cookie or nothing at all before heading to the store.

Take advantage of apple season to incorporate this healthy habit into your lifestyle. 

Have an apple or other healthy snack before your next trip to the grocery store. Your healthier mindset will have you filling your cart with more fruits and vegetables.

Then tantalize your taste buds by trying some new-to-you apple varieties. You’ll find a wide variety at farmer’s markets, orchards, and retailers this time of year. 

A temperature between 32 and 39 degrees with 95% humidity is the ideal storage condition for mature, firm, blemish-free apples.

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