Eminence loses a great man in Jim Anderson

Everyone in the Traveler office was sad and heartbroken to hear of the sudden passing of Jim Anderson last month. 

He was the mayor of Eminence and owner of Shady Lane Cabins & Motel. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Jeanie, and their family during this difficult time.

I first met Jim about 5 years ago when I bought the Traveler. He was a big supporter of the magazine and even wrote a couple stories (one about trapping, and the other trout fishing) for the magazine many, many years ago.

Jimmy Sexton

Jim wanted to make sure I was going to continue coverage of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways area. I reassured him that the ONSR was, and is, the heart of the magazine and that wouldn’t change under my watch.

Back in May I asked Jim if he would be interested in writing an article about Eminence and all the things it has to offer for publication in our 10th annual Ozarks Float Trippin’ floating and camping guide that was scheduled to come out June 1. He happily agreed and a few days later he emailed me a wonderful article about Eminence, and you could just tell he loved writing it as much as he loved that community. 

I enjoyed the article so much that it made page 3 of the publication, so it was the first thing readers saw when they opened it.

I last spoke with Jim on Thursday, June 13, when he thanked me for the opportunity to write for the Traveler again and said that many years ago he aspired to be an outdoor writer, and while he didn’t have the time right now to submit more articles, he hoped to in another year or so.

Since his Eminence article was published I’ve gotten several comments about it, both from people who live in Eminence and were very happy to see the community getting such publicity, as well as from folks who’d never heard of Eminence but are now planning on visiting soon. 

All because of Jim, and the contagious energy and passion with which he wrote. He was the community’s biggest cheerleader.

That was the whole point of the article, and what Jim had been doing for Eminence for so many years, long before he became mayor. 

He was always very mindful of the community, and put others first. Just ask any of the people who stayed at Shady Lane Cabins year after year.

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(Jimmy Sexton is owner and publisher of the River Hills Traveler. He can be reached by phone or text at (417) 451-3798, or jimmy@riverhillstraveler.com.)

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