Embrace the winter without the blues

As I write this, to my left I have an excellent view out my deck door. I see a few leaves scattered on top of a fresh layer of snow. 

It is a lovely scene only enhanced by the scent of candles I just lit. This sounds pleasantly cozy because it actually is. 

While I have been guilty of complaining about winter, I am actually trying to turn my thought process around so I can embrace this season instead of wishing it away.

Recently, I have been learning about hygge. If you’ve never heard of hygge before, it’s the Danish practice of coziness during the winter months. 

According to Denmark’s official tourism website, it’s “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people.” 

The Danes actually embrace winter and look forward to it, which is something I am working on.

If you also desire a more enjoyable winter, this article is for you. Save it for when the excitement of the holidays has worn off and you need a reminder of why this season is to be savored and not despised.

I think one of the biggest reasons winter leaves a sour taste in my mouth is the lack of Vitamin D I get. I often arrive to the windowless room where I work just after the sun rises and I am lucky to leave before the sun has set. 

I have decided this winter will be different because I am going to try a few remedies.

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