Eleven Point River

The Eleven Point is not blessed with gravel bars for camping as some rivers, bur is fed by some of the loveliest wild springs in the state. Those of the upper river are relatively small, but Greer Spring, which is the second largest within the state, is surrounded by walking fern and other vegetation in its natural state.

The main outlet boils from its basin and plunges down the hillside to the Eleven Point River 1.25 miles away. The average flow is more than 300 cubic feet per second and the drop is 62 feet.

However, a raft run down the spring several years ago resulted in a drowning.

The spring is on private property and has been graciously left open to the public, but permission to float the spring will not be given.

Greer Spring nearly doubles the size of the river and makes the Eleven Point below Hwy. 19 quite floatable even in dry years.

An 11-mile section of the river below Greer Spring is managed by MDC for rainbow trout.

An area known as The Irish Wilderness, through which the river runs, is well named and indicates the character of this cool, fast river.

The Eleven Point is a National Scenic River.

Additional maps and literature are available from the supervisor, Mark Twain National Forest, 401 Fairgrounds Road, Rolla, MO 65401.

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Eleven Point River

Map courtesy of http://missouricanoe.org

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