Easy steps to make your very own privy

There many articles on how to (relieve) yourself in the great outdoors. Many of these articles or books try to explain the biology or the impact of the process if it is not done properly.

Most authors realize that the human waste is something that should not be spread around, although some people who use public restrooms are of the mental capacity of a child and like spreading theirs on the walls.outhouse copy

We, as a society, have now spread our waste to every corner of the earth. There is no place we can travel; from the South Pole to the North Pole, East to West, where there isn’t E-COLI in the environment. This is not an exposé on our treatment of our earth because those of us that use the out of doors want as clean a place to come back to when we leave but need to relieve ourselves.

There are many ways to cover our tracks (so to speak) but I want to address the permanent to semi-permanent camp or cabin site that will be used year after year.

The “outhouses” that have been used in the past centuries, one might say they work “just fine.” Well? That truly is not the case, as many thousands have died by the spread of cholera and unsanitary disposal of human waste.

While researching an “outhouse” to be used in an out of the way area, I found the only approved approach was — burning the waste by electric, gas (diesel fuel not the best), or the composting toilet, and this method is as close to composting as you can get.

I observed the Boy Scouts of America, St. Louis Council was building toilets in St. Louis County that were neither burned nor composted. They simply spent many thousands of dollars building a somewhat fancy toilet on top of a concrete box which was emptied or pumped out when it got full. There was a solar light or a skylight and I believe a fan.

I thought about this approach for a while and came up with a much less expensive design.

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