Don’t scoff, give that creek a try

It’s often said we can’t see what’s right in front of us, and that certainly rings true for sportsmen. 

We always have our eye on the bigger picture and overlook the small things. 

The Ozarks are interlaced with small streams, some no bigger than 15 feet or so wide and we wouldn’t dare waste a day’s time on them. 

Most anywhere you go you cross small bridges with little streams running underneath and you do no more than give them a glance, never thinking they could possibly hold fish, let alone a day of fun. 

Oh, maybe let the kids splash around in them and cool off but that’s the best they have to offer.

There was one such small stream that a buddy and I passed over for probably 20 years going back and forth to our spring turkey hunting spot. 

We never paid it no mind as we were always eyeing up the farm ponds along the way and longing to wet a line in those. 

Eventually the subject arose about that little creek that we may just have to fish it one day, but it was more in jest than seriousness.

Year after year we’d cross that creek, occasionally remarking how we may just have to fish it one day but it certainly wasn’t on our to-do list. 

Finally, one spring I told my friend the night before to at least throw a couple rods in the car and a couple beetle spins, as if we had no luck turkey hunting maybe we’d at least find a small group of perch to add excitement to our day.

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