Doing the body count at the end of duck season is an important tradition

The duck seasons in Missouri and Illinois are finally over. As a matter of tradition, once the duck season is over, one of the fiendish things I enjoy doing is computing how much one of my hunting buddies spent per duck during the season.  

This buddy does not willingly reveal to me the details of his out of pocket expenses or his “body count” but members of his family are clearly on my side and under the cover of darkness, they gleefully supply me with the details.   

To protect the innocent, we will refer to this duck hunter as “Bubba.”

Bubba is not the only duck hunter who would rather someone not publicize their cost per duck harvested. If you are a duck hunter who worries that the wife will find out how much you spent per duck, maybe you can use this column to prove things could be worse.   

The facts regarding Bubba’s cost per duck are reasonably accurate.  I am not revealing Bubba’s real name simply because he could turn around and reveal how much I spend per year on turkey hunting and we certainly don’t need that distraction, do we?

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