Deer hunting a new farm

 Mike Roux was very proud to take this old buck, whose few remaining teeth were worn smooth.

There are lots of things that give me much pleasure in my life. My wife, my kids and my grandkids top that list.  

My faith in the Lord is right at the top, too. Then come the rest of our family and my outdoor career.  

Getting to share my outdoor activities with family and friends is also extremely gratifying. This past deer season was one of those very special times.

I have tried very hard in my outdoor career to make sure my boys, my dad and even my good friends had plenty of chances to hunt and fish with me.

Besides my own boys, Roger Lewis from Park Hills, Missouri, has shared the most time with me out of doors. I always try to include Rog in whatever I have going at the time.  

Last year we teamed up again to hunt a new property.

This 260-acre honey hole is located on a small creek and has just a bit more tillable acres than timber. This is a great mix since about 20% of the tillable is in alfalfa and the rest in corn.

When this farm became available to me, I immediately thought of Roger. It had been quite a few years since Roger and I have gotten to deer hunt together. He was in automatically.

Roger asked if we could include his son-in-law, Mike Hamski. I really like Mike and adding him to the mix would be a pleasure.  

Mike and Rog planned a trip up here last summer to scout and post our new ground. The corn was still in but we got a feel for the property and got “NO HUNTING” signs up in all the right places.  

This was a great-looking farm and we all fell in love with it.

After the corn came out I took my son, Caleb, with me to help me get a stand put up. We picked a great spot that covered a hot creek crossing and about 40 acres of cut corn. 

Caleb was sorry he could not get to hunt with us the whole season but did ask if he could film my hunt on opening day since he was free then.

We agreed that he would come with me, and Mike and Roger would go to the spots they picked out during the scouting trip.

I called Roger to see if he and Mike would have time to come and scout again since the corn was out. They had no time but Roger asked if I thought we had room for him to bring his oldest son, Steven.  
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I have known this kid since he was about 10 years old. It would be great to have him in the group. And we did have plenty of good spots to put him.

Steven was just coming off ankle surgery, so he would not be very mobile. I told him I would get to the farm and build him a blind out of bales of straw so he would not have to walk. He and his Dad were both tickled.

The first shots of the day came from north of our farm. It was not long before a nice doe stepped out into the cornfield to my north. I placed the crosshairs of my scope on her chest and fired.  

I had already ranged the north fence at 200 yards. She was a half-dozen rows south of the fence, and she dropped like a bag of hammers.  

Not long after I heard Steven shoot. He texted me that he had killed a big doe. I retuned the message with my news. Then we heard Roger shoot.

Roger does not text so we were not sure of his success. About an hour later Steven shot again and killed another doe, filling his bonus tag.

It was an hour earlier than we had agreed upon to meet for lunch, but I had three to retrieve. I got my four-wheeler and started that process.

Roger, too, had killed a big doe so we had four deer down on opening morning on our new farm. We were ecstatic.  

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