The cure for stress is fishing, camping, and hiking

I didn’t need to read a study by the American Psychological Association (but I did) that examines the increase of the number of Americans who say they are stressed out.

Some days, I actually think I am one of them!

Yet, the cure for our stress is nearby. Granted, I am not a doctor (and I do not play one on TV), but there are activities Americans could get more involved in to reduce stress.

#1 — Fishing

I honestly believe that fishing has many benefits for both our physical and mental health. I have felt incredibly calm sitting on the bank of a lake, pond, or river. Worries often melt away and blood pressure lowers while waiting for that tug on the line.

In a lot of ways, fishing is a meditative act and a wonderful opportunity to just be in the moment.

Plus, I have felt a great sense of accomplishment when I have caught a good-sized fish. It’s even more fun when you see that boost of confidence happen with a loved one.

Sometimes, I don’t catch a thing. The majority of the time, it doesn’t really bother me. A day spent outside fishing is never wasted.

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