Company hopes new app will connect people on the water

Jack and Luke Snow dispel the myth that younger generations lack motivation and a strong work ethic.

Jack hits the books pursuing his doctorate in dentistry and Luke puts his engineering degree to use within the field of power distribution.

As if that was not enough, Jack and Luke built a company that will help create unique and efficient waterway experiences. That business is called TieUp, Co. 

Simply put, TieUp, Co. is in the process of developing an app for boaters, as well as providing an apparel and accessory line.

As co-founders, Jack (CEO) and Luke (COO) brought Austin Hill and Scott Erikson into the fold. Austin is the president of sales, while Scott is the president of marketing.

The TieUp, Co. team recently sat down for a little Q&A session with the River Hills Traveler to explain what they have to offer.

Q: How can TieUp, Co. benefit our readers?

A: Readers and followers of the River Hills Traveler will find many benefits in using our software. Many of your readers love boating, so they will enjoy the boating functions such as our docking feature, but many of our MeetUps pertain to the fishing and floating experience as well.

We will ensure that our users do not miss any of the incredible fishing tournaments or epic floating opportunities. Along with never missing out on the fun, individuals will be able to quickly search for conveniences such as marinas, boat ramps, and local eateries.

Q: What got you personally interested in being in a company of this nature?

A: Spend a week on the water with good friends and you’ll have your answer. The memories shared on the water are hard to match. We want to ensure that this lifestyle stays relevant with the changing times.

We want to be the catalyst for a whole new, diverse demographic of boaters that still believe in the enchantment of the waters!

Our crew was born and raised on the water, so we know what it takes to make the most out of a liquefied adventure, but for many new enthusiasts, it may not be that simple. 

We wanted to simplify the adventure because it doesn’t need to be difficult. Being a part of a company whose sole purpose is to facilitate new friendships and lasting memories is rewarding, and just about all we can ask for.

Q: Overall, the app seems like a great idea for boating enthusiasts. If boaters download the app, what benefits can they expect?

A: Our software attempts to make it as simple as possible for new boaters to make the most out of their experience. The overall benefits will present as a hassle-free, timesaving, and money-saving process.

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MeetUps is a comprehensive list of boat parties, fishing tournaments, and float trips from all across the country. Users can expect to find events they may have never heard of, such as the National Cardboard Boat Race Championship. MeetUps will allow users to determine what events they want to attend.

GoToSpots will provide users with information, like the locations of marinas, boat ramps, local food, and any hotspots.

If spur of the moment is more your type of adventure, then we have the TieUp function. This gives users a live look at who is on the water, what they are up to, where they are, and whether they match the user’s desired atmosphere for the day.

This allows our users to make instant decisions on where they want to spend their water time, without having to guess what they will find at their destination. 

Many people are stuck going to the same cove or river time and time again. The TieUp function gives users the opportunity to try new places, meet new people, and make memories.

Finally, we have the docking feature, which allows peer-to-peer boat slip rental. This opens up a whole new avenue for transient boaters who want a place to dock for the day.

Many families believe boating is a hassle due to keeping children corralled on a boat for six to eight straight hours. With our docking feature, families can search for docking space that is in their desired destination with the amenities that will help to alleviate any stress.

Q: When will the app be available and how much will it cost?

A: Development will come to a conclusion during the middle of September, which is the same time we hope to be available. Technology can sometimes put up a fight, so we cannot give an exact date as to when the app will be released.

FREE. Plain and simple. It is crucial for us to get our product into the hands of the boating community. We believe TieUp, Co. can revolutionize how people attack liquefied adventures, but without a strong and dedicated user base, we cannot succeed.

We think what we have to offer can truly bring about a new age of boating that is simplified, stress free, and convenient. It is up to our community to trust in the app and to trust in their fellow boaters.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add about yourself or the company and products you offer?

A: We would like to genuinely thank everyone for all the support and positive feedback we are receiving during this growing period.

We do have a small apparel selection to choose from in TheReservoir and would love to see our gear out on the water! Along with our products, we have teamed up with Kanooler, LLC., and their amazing CreekKooler, which would be a perfect addition to your readers’ collections.

We have all the major social media feeds and encourage readers to follow us for future information on the development of TieUp, Co. Our website is

(Michelle Turner lives in Union, Mo.)

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