Commission seeking bids for Shepherd of the Hills project

The Missouri Conservation Commission met July 13 for a strategic planning workshop and closed executive session at Orscheln Business Center in Columbia. 

The Commission met July 14 for its regular open meeting at Boone County Electric Cooperative in Columbia.

Commissioners attending the open meeting in person or online were: Mark L. McHenry, chair; Steven D. Harrison, vice chair; Margaret (Margy) F. Eckelkamp, secretary; and L. (Barry) Orscheln, member.

The Commission:

• Approved the consideration of bids for construction of the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery Intermediate Raceways Replacement Project in Branson.

• Approved the sale of the 92-acre Rosati Tower Site in Phelps County.

• Approved the sale of the 48-acre Dixon Fire Tower in Pulaski County.

• Approved the purchase of 510.7 acres in St. Clair County as an addition to Linscomb Wildlife Area.

• Approved the purchase of 137.9 acres in Dade County to be named Sons Creek Conservation Area.

• Approved the security of a conservation easement on 1,822.5 acres in Oregon County.

• Approved MDC recommendation for approval to suspend or revoke one or more hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges of 36 individuals for cause:

– Emil Agamirov, Kansas City, fishing, 1 year;

– Christopher W. Allen, Karnack (Texas), all sport, 1 year;

– Justin L. Anderson, Sedalia, hunting, 1 year;

– Phillip L. Applegate, Jr., Morrisville, all sport, add 11.5 years all sport to current revocation;

– Jonathan S. Carry, Neosho, hunting, 2 years;

– Isaac D. Cox, Olean, hunting, 1 year;

– Skylar R. Dameron, Fulton, hunting, 5 years;

– Kyaw Dar, Kansas City, fishing, 1 year;

– Zachary A. Hale, Louisburg, hunting, 1 year;

– Gavin M. Harris, Bolivar, hunting and fishing, add 2 years hunting and fishing to current revocation;

– Levi D. Hutto, Troy, hunting, 3 years;

– Brian K. Johnson, Springfield, all sport, 1 year;

– Jason M. Lewis, Ellisville, commercial taxidermy, 1 year;

– Dane C. Lyons, Linn Creek, hunting, 1 year;

– James E. Lysinger, Lowry City, hunting and fishing, 2 years;

– James E. Martin, Davisville, hunting and fishing, 2 years;

– Nathan W. Martin, Rutledge, hunting and trapping, 1 year;

– Melinda N. Mascaro, Kansas City (Kan.), commercial establishment, 1 year;

– Brett M. Mitchell, Crane, hunting, 1 year;

– Eric G. Osborn, Savannah, hunting, 1 year;

– Van Hniang Peuh, Garland (Texas), hunting, 2 years;

– Harold P. Piatt, Bunker, hunting, 12.5 years;

– Vincent S. Price, Farmington, hunting and fishing, 8 years;

– Manul R. Ramirez, Kansas City, hunting, 2 years;

– Victor T. Ramirez, Carmi (Ill.), all sport, 1 year;

– Kurt A. Ritchie, St. Joseph, hunting and fishing, 2 years;

– Kameron Rupp, Wappapello, hunting, 3 years;

– Matthew L. Soehngen, High Ridge, fishing, 1 year;

– Tyler A. Sumner, Sullivan, hunting, no action;

– Travis J. Thacker, Quincy (Ill.), all sport, 1 year;

– Troy W. Watkins, St. James, hunting and fishing, 4 years;

– John D. Wehde, Old Monroe, hunting, 1 year;

– Gregory M. Welschmeyer, Freeburg, hunting, 3 years;

– Cole D. Williams, Norwood, all sport, 3 years;

– Steven R. Wittmeyer, Montrose, hunting, 2 years; and

– Kevin J. Evans, Paris, hunting, revoked until 6/9/2025.

• Approved the 1-year suspension or revocation of hunting privileges of three individual(s) who inflicted injury to another person while hunting with the requirement to complete hunter education:

– Jeffrey A. Wilburn of Valley Park;

– Robin M. Hall of Anderson (S.C.); and

– John W. Wasson of Stella.

• Received a special presentation from Deputy Director Jason Sumners posthumously honoring retired MDC Assistant Fisheries Division Chief Lee Redmond by inducting him into the Missouri Conservation Hall of Fame.

• Received a special presentation from Sumners recognizing retired MDC Resource Scientist Lonnie Hansen with a Master Conservationist Award.

• Elected the following Commission officers: Steven D. Harrison, chair; Margaret (Margy) F. Eckelkamp, vice chair; Mark L. McHenry, secretary; and L. (Barry) Orscheln, member.

Set the next regular meeting for Sept. 8.

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