Cartridge of the Month

Americans have a distaste for the metric system. While most of the world has embraced the French version of unit measurement, we tend to frown at anything labeled in this foreign language.

Can you imagine Mike Shannon raving about a 160 kilometer per hour fastball? Or getting excited when Jamaal Charles breaks out for a 73 meter touchdown run? NO!

This is the United States of America and we do things our way. We measure our home runs in feet, our land in acreage, our bass in pounds and our beer in ounces.

We declared independence from European rule two centuries ago and dadgummit we ain’t gonna listen to your nonsense!

It wasn’t that long ago when every metric wrench in my toolbox was in perfect condition, without even a smudge of grease to be found. I remember the day I changed the oil in my new Ford truck and stripped out the drain-plug with a 9/16 socket. Luckily the nearby auto parts store had a replacement and the fella working the counter instructed me to use a 15mm instead of the SAE I was accustomed to.

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