Butternut squash soup

By Bob Brennecke

Fall is the time when there are a lot of squash available. In fact, I found some butternut squash on my porch the other day and no note, so I started experimenting and was glad I did. 

I was so surprised how easy it was to make a delicious soup for this cool fall.


• 2-plus cups of peeled cored butternut squash

• 3 stalks of celery minced

• 1/2 cup onions minced

• 2 carrots cleaned, chopped and minced

• 2 slices of thick-sliced Appleton bacon cut into real small pieces and well-fried in cast iron skillet                       • Low-salt chicken broth
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• 4 pats of butter

• 1/2 cup cream (optional and really not necessary)


Place squash cubes/pieces into pot to fit and cover with chicken broth to boil. Place butter along with the fat of the bacon into a cast iron pan along with the minced celery, onions, carrots, and bacon to sauté until clear and soft

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