Bow shooting & its benefits for hunting deer

Last year’s deer season, my cousin, Sam, who is 16, solely relied on bow hunting alone. Since all I’ve ever done was rifle hunt I was quite confused.

Why would he want to bow hunt? You have to wait for them to get as close as 30 yards if you’re lucky! With a rifle I could see one on the other hillside and make a decent shot if I had practiced that length of shooting. 

Every day after each morning hunt he’d walk in the door and report sighting of eight points! It frustrated me more than anything. He could’ve taken the shot with a rifle any day! As good as my cousin was at bow shooting, he probably could’ve made any of the shots.

He left that season empty-handed. I thought his choice of bow hunting ruined his chances of bagging a big buck.

Watching Sam shoot was really inspiring. Grandpa would challenge him with a three second shot or make him sit down and shoot backward. Many family members of mine would also come down and shoot their bows with each other.

Missing out on it was really discouraging. I tried shooting my aunt’s bow but I just couldn’t hit any targets. I thought bow shooting for me wasn’t even an option. A couple weeks after deer season Sam convinced me to ask for a bow for Christmas.

Thankfully, my grandfather got me one! I was really nervous when I walked into Ozarks Archery (on Highway 160 and 13 in Reeds Spring Junction). In the range I could see little boys at five years old hitting their mark with every shot.

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