Bottle Cap Buddies

They were called the “Bottle Cap Buddies” by some, the “bottle-cappers” by others. They called each other Walt and Jess.  

They had grown up together. Gone to war together as part of the AEF. The American Expeditionary Force that would help free Europe from the grip of tyranny.  

They had considered joining the “Bonus Expeditionary Forces” in the late spring of 1932. 

Teenagers when they first fought in France and still when they miraculously both survived the Argonne until November 11; that summer they had children almost that old. Farms to tend; fields to harvest.  

With a touch of regret that they were letting their former comrades down, they both remained in the Ozarks.

By the time our story takes place, they were old. As they would kid each other, not just older. Old.

Rick Mansfield

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