Blades of glory

No, this is not an article about a funny ice skating movie. Instead, I would like to take a few minutes to discuss, in some detail, one of the two most important parts of the traditional spinnerbait.

Besides the hook, the spinners themselves make or break the spinnerbait. These lures that we have all thrown at bass most of our lives are a bit more complex than they might appear at first glance.

Having used spinnerbaits for over 5 decades, I have gotten pretty good at knowing when and where and how to use them.

However, when it comes to what exactly makes up these amazing lures I went straight to the Midwest expert on this topic.

Rob Park is the owner of Raptor Premium Spinnerbaits. Park makes all of his spinnerbaits by hand and is a stickler for both quality and detail.  

I began by asking him what makes up a great spinnerbait.

“A spinnerbait starts with a straight shank, wide gap hook,” he said. “The wire form either has an R-head or a loop leading down to the molded lead jig head.  

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