Billions of cicadas bring buzzy magic to Missouri in 2024

KANSAS CITY – Billions of cicadas will buzz this spring as two broods emerge at the same time. 

These broods last emerged together in 1803 and won’t appear together again for 221 years.

That means that your grandchildren’s great-great-great-grandchildren likely will be the next group to experience the dual emergence of these cicada broods that appear in 13- and 17-year life cycles, said University of Missouri Extension specialist Tamra Reall.

“It will be crazy,” she said, and she can’t wait. 

Reall is a horticulturist in the Kansas City area and an entomologist known as “Dr. Bug.”

Missouri will be a hot spot for cicada emergence in 2024. MU Extension horticulturist Tamra Reall encourages Missourians to get out to enjoy this noisy, magical emergence that won’t happen again for many years. Brood XIII is shown in brown, and Brood XIX is shown in blue.

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