Bicentennial with an ice cream social 

Missourians are encouraged to participate in a statewide ice cream social to celebrate the 200th birthday of Missouri. 

While the event will be held Aug. 10, Missouri’s statehood day, the planning begins now. 

Missouri 2021 is looking for communities and organizations to organize an ice cream social and to register their event at

Since my family loves stopping by the Dairy Shack in Eminence, that community comes first to my mind. Hope someone there reads this column and will take on the project. As of the writing of this column, no organization has signed up to host an ice cream social anywhere in Shannon County. 

“We were looking for a statewide event where every Missourian could participate in the bicentennial, so why not a good old-fashioned ice cream social to celebrate our state’s milestone?” said Michael Sweeney, bicentennial coordinator for the State Historical Society of Missouri. 

Sweeney said the idea behind the event is to bring everyone together for 2021 to enjoy a tasty treat from a favorite ice cream shop, or by making “homemade” ice cream from specially-created flavors for the day or enjoying old favorites using a hand-crank machine.

“It’s also a way to celebrate Missouri’s dairy industry and many of the finest ice cream establishments throughout the state. Plus, it’s usually very hot in August,” dsid Sweeney.

Anne McGregor, who serves on the Board of the Trustees for the State Historical Society, came up with the idea for an ice cream social with a vision that it can happen at parks, porches, backyards, ball fields, and any location to celebrate the state’s birthday with a scoop of the frozen treat. 

“An ice cream social is a way to take a moment to pause as family, friends and community, and to reflect on our state’s history,” said McGregor. 

“It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but between the challenges and triumphs, we make Missouri ours to own. The ice cream is a sweet, very sweet way to make that happen.”

Registration for the Missouri 2021 Ice Cream Social is open to businesses and nonprofit organizations online at

The only requirements are for groups to register their event to be officially recognized for the bicentennial and to hold their ice cream socials on the afternoon or evening of Tuesday, Aug. 10.

Missouri 2021 will be sharing submitted photos of the ice cream social using the hashtag #ScoopsAcrossMissouri.
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Did you know that ice cream is the official state dessert of Missouri? You may have heard that the ice cream cone was introduced at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis.

According to the Library of Congress, the sweet, creamy confection in a walk-away cone made its debut at the World’s Fair – thousands of years after the frozen treat would find its origins in either Persia, Rome or Mongolia.

There’s much debate to where it all began!

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