Fishing isn’t just a club for guys

The text for this article will be shorter than most to make room for the photos I want you to see. The title says it all.

Women and girls like to fish, too. Sometimes even more than their male counterparts.

There are, however, keys to success to get and keep your gals excited about going fishing.

Whether it is your wife, girlfriend or fiancé or perhaps your daughter or granddaughter, having a well thought-out plan will help you allow them to have more fun.

Here are some things to consider: 

• Watch the weather — Uncomfortable weather will likely make your gal miserable. Too hot and too cold are common complaints to avoid. Also avoid rain, as well. 

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• Combination trip — This idea works well most of the time. Either before or after you fish with your favorite girl, take her out to eat.

Remember, this meal is not designed to be a formal anniversary dinner. But a stop for her favorite burger will go a long way to increasing her fun. 

• Lastly, no blood or guts — Do whatever it takes to keep this trip, and especially her, clean and tidy. And most important of all, you are finished as soon as she is.

This trip should be about enjoying the experience. Keep your angling females happy and they will want to go more often than you think.

Good luck. 

(Mike Roux can be reached at 217-257-7895.)

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