Mike Roux

Foreign dove in the Midwest

September is dove hunting time. The initial outlook is that the dove numbers are up and there should be lots of shooting in just a couple of weeks. On Labor Day evening 2017, I accompanied good friend Luke Terstreip, Sr., to a freshly-cut silage field. Luke had done some scouting and we put out a…

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Bucksaw Marina home to trophy-size hybrid bass

The predominate color of both smallmouth and largemouth bass are varying shades of green.   Depending upon water clarity and the depth at which they are living, these greens can range from pale or very vivid.  All bass, however, do not share these color characteristics. Striped bass, white bass and hybrid bass all sport a…

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Gobblers in the rain

Rain is inevitable during spring turkey hunting. That can be especially frustrating if it rains on the few days you are able to hunt in the Show-Me State. If all you have is a weekend and it rains both days, you might think your season is over. That is not necessarily true. I have had…

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