Rick Mansfield

This coin definitely wasn’t worth it!

It started innocently enough. The presentation going well. Had a modest audience of around three dozen people listening to my recreation of Henry R. Schoolcraft.   Part of the Old Greenville Days celebration, I was emphasizing the fact that Schoolcraft had taken the Bettis Ferry a half-mile from the remnants of the original Greenville Courthouse…

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Is fishing at least once a week an activity or addiction?

Addictions. We all have them. Some “compulsive engagement in rewarding stimulants despite adverse consequences.” “Habit forming substances or behaviors.”  It has been said, “An overindulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate.”   Pete Rose’s was an addiction to playing baseball. For some it is drugs. Many; alcohol.   Poker. Video games….

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The moral of the morel

This past week or so have been some great ‘shroom times. A couple of days we even hit the Ozark spring daily double.   Found mushrooms and caught crappie — both delicious fried! Now I am far from an expert at either; just an amateur enthusiast. I have friends that actually find them by the…

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