Bob Frakes

Hobbies – A forgotten friend

When I was young and even today, I enjoyed a number of hobbies some of which like the fire towers have followed me through the years.  It seems so many hobbies today are “electronic.” These don’t fit my definition. After picking up my tower book, Mick and Lisa O’Halloran from south of St. Louis decided…

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A ‘lion’ appears

I think many of us have a little “Sherlock Holmes” in us. I have always enjoyed a good mystery and have read over the years all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s books and short stories.  There seems to always be a “tower mystery” out there. I wrote recently about my oldest, the “Plots Tower” being…

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photo of a rattle snake

Snakes alive!

It seems at times the news has “gone to the snakes.” And, that will “Catch Your Eye” for sure.  I don’t live in terror of snakes. In fact, if you have a few snakes around, you may well not have mice, voles or rats.  However, I do notice them. In all my hunting, fishing, canoeing…

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One tower, three places

Increasingly in the “tower world,” towers on the move are the current news. You see, slowly but surely, Missouri Department of Conservation Towers are being put up for auction.  However, since the auction price often exceeds the scrap steel price, few are being bought for that. Some are just finding “new homes.” Even close to…

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Hoping & wishing

By Bob Frakes Here is hoping and wishing you had a good Thanksgiving and that continues on to Christmas. If not, I hope your wheel turns and you do. Mine have fortunately always been good – some maybe better than others.  I recall one year after mom’s wonderful dinner my Dad, brother and I retired…

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2 more old friends are sold

Back in the summer of 2019, 13 forest lookout towers cleared “historical review” which cleared the way for disposal by the Missouri Department of Conservation.  This meant that in the estimation of the company doing that review, they did not merit enough historical importance to warrant saving.  The towers were Potosi (tower sold with site),…

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