Another example of just how beautiful Missouri is

As I travel through Missouri, it still amazes me what you may stumble upon along your journey. I recently came across another beautiful waterway here in Missouri. 

Ottery Creek is a stream in Iron and Reynolds counties.  It is a tributary to the Middle Fork Black River. It is located south of highway 32 and the stream parallels Highway A.

Ottery Creek derives its name from John Autrey, a pioneer citizen. There is a small community along Highway A with a church and cemetery. The Bell Mountain Wilderness is just east of Highway A.  

Ottery Creek Trailhead is also located off this section of highway with a parking lot and entrance to the Ozark Trail. Another Trailhead is off Forest Service Road 2228. Mark Twain National Forest manages these areas.  

The headwaters of Ottery Creek arise in Iron County just south of Johnson Mountain. It flows south-southwest passing under Highway 32, parallels Highway A, passing under Highway 49 (south of Edgehill) and then joins the Middle Fork.

I encourage everyone to travel around the state and find out what you may come across on your journey! You never know what you may find in our beautiful state of Missouri! 
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