A howling band of coyotes

Coyote in Field

One night a few years go, we had an unusually bright full moon.  At the time, Annie and I were at our farm.   

Not long after the moon was over the horizon, it started. First, there were a few yips, barks and squeals that in short order became long mournful howls.   

From the sound of things, there must have been 20 coyotes out there singing in unison. Were they celebrating a kill and about to have a feast in the moonlight?

It was loud enough that we could hear them from inside the cabin. And normally, our dogs — also safely inside — will bark when they hear neighborhood dogs barking, but they did not bark when these coyotes started howling.

Coyote in Field
Coyote in Field by U.S. Forest Service (source) is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

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