3 indoor trees for the holidays

By Melinda Myers

Add a small-scale living evergreen to your holiday celebrations. Consider one that is suitable for growing indoors so you can enjoy it throughout the year.

The Lemon Cypress makes a great miniature holiday tree, centerpiece, or gift for a friend. The fragrant chartreuse foliage of this dwarf evergreen continues to brighten your winter décor long after the holidays are over. 

You can find them as topiaries or in their more natural pyramidal form.

Grow them in a sunny window and turn the plants occasionally to ensure all parts receive equal sunlight and grow evenly. You’ll have the best results if you keep your plant in a cool location free of cold and hot air drafts.

Water your mini holiday tree whenever the top few inches of soil are dry. Wait until spring when plants begin to actively grow and need a nutrient boost before applying fertilizer.

The Norfolk Island pine has long been a favorite of indoor gardeners. Its pine-like appearance makes it a great holiday tree. Add a bit of garland and a few small ornaments for a festive effect.

Grow this plant in a cool, well-lit location free of drafts of hot and cold air. Avoid dry air and soil to keep the needles and branches green, flexible, and healthy.

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