23 easy camping food ideas & hacks for your next adventure

I’m not sure where this list originated, but a friend of mine gave it to me and I thought this issue would be the appropriate time to pass it on as camping season is in full swing.

1. Use a shower cap to keep food cold while you’re eating. Add ice to a shower cap then place a bowl filled with cold food like pasta salad in the cap, allowing the elastic to stretch over the sides to create an ice-box effect. 

Your food should stay cool for hours!

2. Cook cinnamon rolls over the campfire. Skewer pre-made cinnamon rolls and cook them over your campfire. 

It’ll take about 15 minutes for them to fully cook through, and then just drizzle on that icing.

3. Use a Dollar Tree or similar type mesh bag to dry dishes. Instead of worrying about drying all your dishes by hand, bring along a large mesh bag, and hang them from a tree or from your camper.

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