10 major bowhunting mistakes

Here are some suggestions to help bowhunters from making some simple mistakes this fall.

1. Using wrong approach route to stand — The most direct route is not always best.

Hunting is more than hunting, much more. It varies in all ways and conditions, from spoil-rotten outfitted lodges to aches-and pains picnic bench non-camp. But above all… the land. Hills to climb, hollows to walk, trails to scout, mountain views to drink in and savor, and the next hunt to plan for, we hope.

2. Placing stand too high — The higher the stand, the tougher the shot. There are more obstructions and tougher angles, less chance of double-lung hits. Rule of thumb – climb in cover or climb high, but only as high as conditions dictate.

3. Misreading sign — To avoid hunting a “cold” stand, learn to age the sign deer leave behind. Many times I found areas loaded with old sign, but the deer had either depleted the food or simply moved to a more favored food. Make sure the sign you see is fresh.

4. Shooting too soon — If you shoot the first deer you see, many times you won’t see the big one that was just behind it.

5. Trying to force a shot — Because you may be able to place your arrow accurately is no excuse to attempt a low-percentage shot.

Remember that a deer can and will get out of the way of your arrow. Wait for a high percentage angle, i.e. broadside or quartering away, if at all possible.

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