I know a lot of smart folks don’t believe in witching (or dowsing) rods to locate water or graves, but I do.

I’ve even read a scientific study aimed at proving it’s all a bunch of hooey. Maybe it is.

Perhaps, as the study I read claims, the movement of the rods is caused by an imperceptible, totally subconscious movement of the hands. Maybe.

All I can speak of is what I have seen and experienced myself. I will also share a couple of  stories from people I know personally.

First off, if you don’t know what I’m talking about here, I’m referring to the process of locating ground disturbances by taking two rods (copper or brass, though I’ve heard of some people using peach and willow branches) and loosely holding them at elbow length in front of you as you walk forward. 

When you reach a point where the soil below has formed a pocket – be it by subterranean water source, a utility line, a grave, or whatever – the rods will turn inward and cross each other. When you step over that point, the rods will straighten out.

I realize that it SOUNDS rather strange or surreal. While I do not personally believe there is any supernatural force behind it, I do believe it is real – even if it can’t be scientifically explained.

I suppose the “subconscious movement” theory might be tested by using a robot. I’m sure someone has, with what results I do not know. Even if a robot proved that the rods only move when in human hands, there are still some things unexplained, at least to me.

For instance: A city utility worker I am acquainted with carries a pair of dowsing rods with him in his truck to locate undocumented utility lines. Some of the oldest water pipes in this particular city were placed in the 1920s and for whatever reason, they don’t all necessarily appear on any maps existing today – or they are in error.

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