When working on our new book, “James Fork of the White,” we were struck by the continuity of sporting activities from a century ago to today. On opposite pages we put a circa 1910 George Hall real photo postcard of giggers on the James River at Camp Yocum, with a recent photograph of the Nixa Sucker Day festival. One difference — the gent in the center of the boat in Hall’s “flashlight” photo is wearing a necktie and coat. I doubt if today’s giggers dress so formally.

(This feature is courtesy of Leland and Crystal Payton at Lens & Pen Press, publishers of all-color books on the Ozarks. Their new book, James Fork of the White, will be published in 2017. Some pages from this book can be seen on www.beautifulozarks.com. Their earlier river book, Damming the Osage, can be at seen www.dammingtheosage.com.)