To the Editor,

I’m sharing an update I received from Sam Potter, fly fishing guide and fellow MSA (Missouri Smallmouth Alliance) member, who attended the meeting in Waynesville.  

After you ready the email you should, if you have not done so already, please contact the USGS and your legislators and let them know that you do NOT wish to have these gages discontinued.

I’m going to contact Ms. Beussink at the USGS and find out what funds they still need and maybe we, as individuals or the the MSA, can contribute some funding.

Here it is:

Thanks, Matt. Here is the skinny on the meeting today:

Meeting attended by several outfitters, members of USGS, DNR, MDC, Pulaski County Engineer, City of Waynesville, NWS, RFFA and myself. Not present were Corp of Engineers and US Army.

Everyone was in agreement that all four of the proposed gages are necessary, but there is insufficient funding for them to continue after the 1st of the year.

At present the four gages are funded by the US Army at FLW. They will no longer be funded by the Army after the 1st. Cost to operate one gage for one year that includes CFS monitoring is $14,600. Cost to operate one gage for one year, flow only is $5,200 (height in feet).

Most of the attendees agreed that while it is great to have the CFS monitored, it isn’t necessary to determine water level safety, especially considering the cost involved.

USGS funding for gages is often paid for by private enterprises and sometimes in partnership with DNR, MDC and others that have an interest in the particular gage involved.

The City of Waynesville will partially fund (partner with) gage or gages on the Roubidoux Creek. Undisclosed amount, but I think it was 50%.

MDC has an interest in the Ross Bridge gage (upper gage above FLW) on the Big Piney and will partner funding for it.  Possibly the lower gage on the Roubidouix.

The lower Big Piney gage (below FLW) is a Federal Priority Streamgage (FPG) and is eligible to be funded with USGS appropriations if additional FPS funds become available.

At our Roubidouix Fly Fishers (RFFA) meeting next week I will propose that we partner with a gage. We are a small fishing club so we can’t fork out too much, but some is better than none.

I am pushing the upper gage on the Big Piney, but may have to settle on the lower gage if USGS can only come up with enough money for one gage.

You can contact: Amy M. Beussink, for more information, at or 573-308-3665 or cell 713-560-9899, USGS Missouri Water Science Center; or Sam Potter, Ozark fly fishing guide, at or 573-465-3556.

Matt Wier,
Missouri Smallmouth Alliance